Why us?

Cape Cod Gold and Silver gives you the best price for gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, watches and gemstones. Owner Anthony Rando has the experience you can trust when you sell your gold and silver, jewelry, diamonds and other valuables. He provides a level of service you can rely on.
He stresses to customers to compare prices and not be taken in by Gold and Silver Buying Events or mall jewelry stores that have been shown to offer astonishingly lower prices than he is able to offer.

Anthony explains, “I am a small shop with low overhead so I can offer much higher cash to customers than the large stores that need more revenue to operate. I consider the big buying events by companies that come into town with full-page newspaper ads to be scams. It’s a shame that people don’t make the money they can by comparing prices and realizing that a small store like mine, with a reputable owner, can offer them the most money.”

Once you meet with Anthony, you may be surprised at the value of the gold, silver and other precious metals you had stored in your kitchen drawers or boxed away in your basement or attic.

  • Grandma’s sterling silver flatware, so carefully packed away to prevent tarnishing, but too much of a hassle to bring out even for holiday dinners, could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
    I paid over $5,500 for one very large sterling tea and coffee set. The seller was simply stunned at the value of her Mom’s old set that was in the basement for over 20 years! Anthony said.
  • Old gold and silver coins, sterling tea sets and sterling candlesticks are some of the many items purchased at Cape Cod Gold and Silver.

Cape Cod Gold and Silver is not a pawn shop and caters to a more mature audience.

The shop itself is a comfortable, airy setting with a sitting lounge for waiting should the need arise. However, with the average transaction taking only about 10 minutes, chances are you will be in and out, with cash in hand.

Sell your gold and silver to Cape Cod Gold and Silver in Sandwich. Voted best gold and silver buyer on Cape Cod.

We have people coming down from Plymouth and Carver and crossing the bridge to find us because they’ve compared prices and read our on-line reviews. They always tell us, “It was worth the trip!”

Cape Cod Gold and Silver in Sandwich. Your go-to gold and silver buyer on Cape Cod.