How It Works

It’s easy to get cash when you sell your gold and silver.

At Cape Cod Gold and Silver, just bring us your gold, silver, diamonds and other valuables. “Many new customers tell me they are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable about the process of turning their gold and silver into cash,” Anthony reports. And then he takes the mystery out of the selling experience.

All testing and evaluations are done right in front of you in his comfortable shop. Within minutes, he will make an offer on your items, basing his offer on the most recent spot values of your precious metals.

Accept the offer and you will leave Cape Cod Gold and Silver with cash for your valuables.

“My goal is to offer customers a hassle-free environment with no guessing or surprises,” Anthony says. “Most folks are timid, or even embarrassed, about selling their gold or silver, so I try to remove stress from the equation, and offer a fair price for their items.”

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Cape Cod GOLD & SILVER Instant Cash for Cold